GSA Contracting

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules are fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles for both customers and vendors. Through the Schedules program, Cadmus has established long-term, government-wide contracts with GSA to provide federal agencies access Cadmus’ services at discount pricing.

Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule
Professional Services Schedule
GSA Ordering Process

Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule

GSA’s multiple award schedule Facilities Maintenance and Management (03FAC) provides federal agencies a vast array of innovative, customer-focused facilities services and products. Under this schedule contract, Cadmus offers Energy Management, Water Conservation and Support Services. Any federal agency can issue a task order to Cadmus to perform work related to energy efficiency and energy management.

871 202 541330 Energy Management Planning and Strategies
871 203 541330 Training on Energy Management
871 204 541330 Metering Services
871 205 541330 Energy Program Support Services
871 206 541330 Building Commissioning Services
871 207 541330 Energy Audit Services
871 208 541330 Resource Efficiency Management
871 210 541330 Water Conservation

Download Cadmus’ Facilities Maintenance and Management contract catalog in Adobe PDF format.

Professional Services Schedule

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) provides a consolidated multiple-award schedule that incorporates the scope of the Environmental Services Schedule and the Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Schedules. Under the PSS, Cadmus offers federal clients a wide range of services and expertise.

Environmental Solutions

Cadmus provides environmental consulting and training services that include, but are not limited to: environmental compliance, climate change adaptation and resiliency planning and implementation support, planning, training, audits, surveys, mapping, and environmental regulation development.

899 1 541620 Environmental Consulting Services
899 3 541620 Environmental Training Services
Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Cadmus provides services to help promote public awareness of agency needs and objectives that include, but are not limited to: advertising objective determination, message decision/creation, media selection, direct mail services and medial planning and placement services.

541 1 541810 Advertising Services
541 4A 541910 Market Research and Analysis
541 1000 541810 Other Direct Costs (ODCs); Expenses Other Than Direct Labor Hours

A full description of services covered under each SIN (Special Item Number) can be found in the GSA Schedules eLibrary.

Download Cadmus’ Professional Services Schedule contract catalog in Adobe PDF format.

Before we won our place on these schedules through a competitive bidding process, GSA evaluated our technical capabilities in each area and negotiated our rates. Prospective new clients thus can be confident in our ability to provide cost-effective, high-quality support services. Clients can use the streamlined procurement process afforded by GSA task orders to select Cadmus for a project and authorize work to begin within a few weeks.

GSA Ordering Process

The GSA task order process is highly streamlined compared to the procurement process used by most Federal agencies. What would take months to accomplish through the normal RFP process can be done in a few short weeks with a minimum of paperwork. Here is the basic process that a Federal agency uses to issue a task order under one of these schedules:

Step 1: Prepare a Request for Quotes (RFQ)
An RFQ is a brief document. It includes a Statement of Work and instructions on how the responding contractors should prepare their technical and price proposals. It often includes a page limit for responses (often no more than 10 pages) and a deadline for receiving responses (often no more than 2 weeks). The RFQ also specifies the criteria the agency will use to select the winning proposal, including the intended use of past performance factors. At EPA, a contracting officer helps the ordering office assemble the RFQ.

Step 2: Transmit the RFQ to Contractors
The ordering office selects a small number of contractors (usually three) that are on the applicable schedule (this information is available on GSA’s Web site), and the office, or more typically the ordering agency’s contracting office, sends the RFQ to those contractors.

Step 3: Evaluate Quotes and Select the Winning Contractor
The ordering office evaluates the contractors’ responses against the evaluation criteria in the RFQ and selects the contractor that provides the best value to the government.

Step 4: Work Begins
The agency issues a task order to the selected contractor and work begins.

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