Over the past century, human activities—especially burning fossil fuels to produce energy—have released carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These emissions have contributed to rising global temperatures, resulting in changes in the climate such as rising sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, and more powerful extreme weather events. These changes are already occurring and are expected to become more severe over time. Climate change has the potential to transform our ability to perform essential activities like transporting people and goods, producing food, and maintaining adequate supplies of safe drinking water. All of these impacts present significant challenges to thriving economies and quality of life around the world.

Cadmus is on the forefront of efforts to meet the challenges presented by a changing climate. With both cutting-edge tools and time-tested practices, we are helping government agencies, private sector companies, nongovernmental organizations, and other community leaders adapt and build their resilience to climate change and work to mitigate future emissions.

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