Power lines over fieldCadmus is a leading provider of consulting services to suppliers of electricity and natural gas throughout North America—and to the governmental bodies that regulate them. We also work with public and private organizations that promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the development of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

We consult with clients on these services:

Energy Services

Cadmus’ energy services cover the full spectrum of energy-efficiency planning, design, evaluation, and market transformation.  Our key areas of expertise are:

Over the past three decades, the leadership of Cadmus has provided evaluation services to public- and private-sector clients across North America and around the globe.  We have conducted more than 1,000 evaluations.

In fields critical for the robust analysis of the energy industry, most of our team members hold advanced degrees in subjects such as economics, public policy, engineering, business, statistics, computer science, and environmental science. Our energy services team members have a real-world perspective that spans the complex regulatory and competitive issues facing the industry. Many have held key positions in energy companies and with regulatory bodies, universities, and state agencies.

Green Building: ENERGY STAR/Energy-Efficiency Services

The highly successful federal ENERGY STAR® program provides a proven methodology for fostering improvements in the energy efficiency of household appliances, other consumer products, and residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Cadmus works closely with federal, state, and local government clients to design energy efficiency programs based on the ENERGY STAR model. We also provide technical support and technical assistance and training in outreach to target audiences.

The U.S. EPA reports that commercial buildings use 20 percent of the energy consumed in this country—and waste through inefficiency nearly one-third of the energy they consume. Much of the work we do involves providing technical assistance and training to help organizations across the country measure building energy use before implementing energy efficiency measures to cut waste. We have assisted in the benchmarking of more than 30,000 buildings.

We also work with foreign governments, particularly in Latin America, helping them to understand the details of the ENERGY STAR program and to decide whether, and how, to adopt the program’s tenets for their own use.

Social Marketing/Market Transformation

Social marketing uses the tools of advertising and public relations, not to sell products or services but to change behavior to promote the social good. Market transformation is both a policy objective and a program strategy to make cost-effective energy-efficient technologies widely available. Cadmus provides outstanding client support services in both of these areas.

Social Marketing

Other firms provide traditional communication services and call them social marketing, but Cadmus’ approach is grounded in the latest relevant social science research. We understand the societal and human behavioral issues that limit change and, more important, we know how to handle them.

Successful social marketing requires carefully targeted approaches, and our experienced staff is adept at testing messages and conducting market research when planning a campaign. We also know how best to measure progress toward our clients’ social-marketing goals.

Our highly effective social marketing programs reach targeted audiences through broad-based media—including paid online media and social media—community outreach and trusted personal connections.

Market Transformation

Transforming markets requires effective “push and pull” strategies to motivate target audiences to change their behavior and at the same time to persuade businesses and other organizations to provide products and services that support those new behaviors.

We have used these strategies in numerous environmental initiatives to transform markets in such areas as energy efficiency. For example, in support of the federal ENERGY STAR program, we have helped the EPA motivate the American public to be more energy efficient in their everyday lives and to make purchasing decisions that reinforce that lifestyle choice. At the same time, we helped EPA establish and maintain partnerships with manufacturers, electric utilities, and retailers to provide and promote products and services that bear the ENERGY STAR label.