Homeland Security

Governments, communities, and organizations across the United States face complex and expanding threats to their security. Effectively addressing these challenges requires integrated capabilities in all-hazards preparedness, business resilience, and cybersecurity, as well as scientific, engineering, and policy expertise in energy, climate, water, public health, critical infrastructure, and the natural and built environments.

Cadmus is uniquely positioned to help its clients thrive in the new security landscape.

Our consultants help Cadmus clientele develop creative solutions that meet their organizational challenges, secure critical assets, and save lives. We provide best-in-class consulting services in the homeland security realm for federal, state, and local government agencies; community groups; research institutions; and nongovernmental organizations. These services include the support and development of risk assessments and high-impact crisis simulations and exercises across a variety of security challenges, such as cybersecurity, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, climate adaptation, and public health risks.

Cadmus staff have developed, executed, and evaluated more than 150 crisis simulations and exercises from the local level through the federal cabinet, including the president of the United States. Through these activities, Cadmus helps government leaders explore the catastrophic challenges to the nation’s security, ranging from hurricanes, to earthquakes, to improvised nuclear device threats, to terrorist campaigns.

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    • Preparing for a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack


      The best way to prepare for, and respond to, a complex coordinated terrorist attack is to think outside the proverbial box—as well as outside the lines of traditional jurisdictions, disciplines, and states. CCTAs require a whole community response, with decision-making before, during, and after this type of event being a collective effort.

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