Business Resilience

crisis preparednessCadmus delivers best-in-class consulting services and technical assistance to prepare government, critical infrastructure sectors, and international partners to manage the full range of threats and hazards confronting them today and in the future. From natural disasters to terrorist attacks, from cyber security breaches to the impacts of a changing climate, we help our clients position strategically for the future, no matter the particular challenge. Cadmus’ subject-matter experts possess the knowledge, experience, and practical understanding required to streamline business resilience for commercial and public entities. Specifically, we help business and government leaders explore, develop, and improve their preparedness posture through deliberate planning, practical training, crisis-simulation exercises, and comprehensive risk assessment.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge across the full range of hazards and bring to bear exceptional capabilities in risk assessment and risk management techniques, especially in terms of generating realistic, actionable recommendations for enhancing decision making. We use the full breadth of our national and international expertise in crisis preparedness to create tailored strategies that assist clients in planning a unified response to all-hazards incidents and enhance their resilience.

Our comprehensive business resilience solution is designed to address gaps in preparedness at every stage. Based on our in-depth knowledge of all-hazard threats and vulnerabilities across government and the private sector, we offer the following areas of expertise in support of our clients’ efforts to ensure an ongoing crisis preparedness and resilience strategy:

Enterprise Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • Evaluation of current strategic, policy, planning, and operational frameworks, including procedures for information sharing across all key stakeholders, whether they are the government – federal, state, or local agencies – the private sector, or industry partners
  • Assessment of coordination processes for national, state, or local level response, including engagement of key private industry partners for a unified strategy

Crisis Simulation and Exercises

  • Custom-designed, scenario-driven discussions, from tabletop to full-scale crisis simulation exercises, involving the active participation of all relevant stakeholders
  • Assessment of preparedness in coordinating a unified response to an evolving, unforeseen situation stemming from a natural or man-made disaster(s) or cyber and/or physical incidents

Crisis Response and Operational Planning

  • Management of identified gaps in preparedness, operational and business continuity plans, internal and external information sharing, as well as crisis response plans and policies
  • Refinement of strategies, policies, and operational procedures to create a streamlined and unified engagement approach at the federal, state, and local levels and across industry

Continuity and Resilience

  • Development of continuity of operations and business resilience plans that evolve to meet changing federal, state, and local government and private sector needs
  • Awareness-building and training programs to improve workforce capabilities, including information sharing, crisis response coordination, and the application of the Incident Command System



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