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crisis preparednessCybersecurity presents challenges that are broader than an “IT issue.” A breach affects not only day-to-day operations, but also raises significant risks, including the inability of a nation or an entity to fulfill core missions.

Cadmus provides trusted, strategic advisory support on crisis preparedness to government agencies and Fortune 100 companies. We use the full breadth of our national and international expertise in crisis preparedness to create tailored strategies that assist clients in planning a unified response to the discovery of a cybersecurity attack.

Our consultants have longstanding expertise in this arena—we designed, developed, and evaluated the cybersecurity preparedness of both the public and private sectors in the first and only United States National Level Exercise on cybersecurity, a full-scale crisis simulation exercise involving the federal government, private sector, international partners, as well as 10 states and territories.

In addition, we have supported a wide range of crisis preparedness efforts involving the C-suite of critical infrastructure companies, as well as the U.S. Cabinet, including the participation of the president of the United States.

Based on our in-depth knowledge of cyber threats, plans, capabilities, and vulnerabilities across government and the private sector, we offer the following areas of expertise in support of our clients’ efforts to ensure an ongoing crisis preparedness strategy:

Enterprise Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • In-depth assessment of cyber-related operational and business risks
  • Analysis of current strategic, policy and operational frameworks, including procedures for information sharing and crisis response coordination across the enterprise

Crisis Simulation and Exercises

  • Custom-designed, scenario-driven discussions, from Tabletop to Full-Scale crisis simulation exercises, involving the active participation of all relevant stakeholders
  • Assessment of preparedness in coordinating a unified response to an evolving, unforeseen Cybersecurity situation

Crisis Response and Operational Planning

  • Management of identified gaps in technical preparedness, operational continuity plans, internal and external information sharing, as well as crisis response plans and policies
  • Refinement of strategies, policies and operational procedures to create a streamlined and unified approach across a government sector or enterprise

Continuity and Resilience

  • Development of continual improvement plans that evolve to meet changing requirements
  • Awareness-building and tailored training programs to improve cross-enterprise workforce capabilities, including information sharing and crisis response coordination

We support clients in the following markets:

Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity for Nongovernmental Organizations

International Cybersecurity

Public Sector Cybersecurity


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