Infrastructure Protection, Business Continuity, and Resilience

What is the right balance of investments in resilience and business continuity for modern companies and government agencies? Corporate and agency executives confront increasingly complex risk environments amid tightening security budgets, yet investment in resilience and business continuity is imperative for modern companies and government agencies. Executives must make risk-informed decisions when investing scarce resources across the spectrum of planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercises.

Cadmus assists commercial and government clients in evaluating risk issues and developing strategies to improve resilience and business continuity – from the enterprise level down to the individual facility. Our approach stresses the assessment of a customer’s essential functions, supporting supply chain requirements, and other critical dependencies, extending the scope of continuity and recovery capabilities beyond the customer’s fence line. Wherever possible, we maximize previous investments and leverage low-cost or no-cost solutions and best practices.

Our consultants are experienced in critical infrastructure regulatory issues. For example, we possess outstanding knowledge of chemical security regulatory issues, having contributed to the development and implementation of the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards. Cadmus has assisted affected industry clients with compliance issues; facilitating engagement with regulators, reviewing security measures, and developing courses of action to enhance security.