Public Sector Cybersecurity

Whether the U.S. federal government, state or local governments Cadmus supports government organizations to refine their cybersecurity preparedness strategies.

Having worked with all levels of government, we understand the ongoing challenges facing public sector cybersecurity, and the need for coordination both within an agency, and across the federal, state, and local levels. Equally important, Cadmus recognizes the essential nature of strong public-private partnerships that can withstand the multiple reverberations of a cyber attack.

Enterprise Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • Evaluation of current strategic, policy, and operational frameworks, including procedures for information sharing across all key stakeholders, whether federal, state, or local agencies
  • Assessment of coordination process for national, state, or local level response, including engagement of key private industry partners for a unified strategy

Crisis Simulation and Exercises

  • Custom-designed, scenario-driven discussions, from tabletop to full-scale crisis simulation exercises, involving the active participation of all relevant stakeholders
  • Assessment of preparedness in coordinating a unified response to an evolving, unforeseen cybersecurity situation

Crisis Response and Operational Planning

  • Management of identified gaps in technical preparedness, operational continuity plans, internal and external information sharing, as well as crisis response plans and policies
  • Refinement of strategies, policies, and operational procedures to create a streamlined and unified approach at the federal, state, and local levels

Continuity and Resilience

  • Development of continual improvement plans that evolve to meet changing federal, state, and local government needs
  • Awareness-building and training programs to improve workforce capabilities, including information sharing and crisis response coordination