Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Planning

cybersecurityThe effects of climate change are pervasive and complex, and forward-thinking organizations recognize that they must incorporate those effects into their planning. For some, strategic sustainability and adaptation plans are needed—often required through a Presidential Memorandum, Executive Order, state compliance, or corporate reporting. For others, creating a separate climate change initiative or plan is impractical or even counterproductive. Cadmus has worked with many clients to develop both standalone mitigation and adaptation plans, and has worked to identify ways to incorporate climate-related considerations into programs, plans, and policies that already exist. We also work with our clients to characterize and explore the co-benefits and conflicts of integrative adaptation and mitigation practices.

With Cadmus, our clients know they can rely on experts with the most up-to-date research and practical implementation experience to deliver a solution that will work for their organization, agency, or community. Our range of mitigation, adaptation, hazard mitigation, and resilience planning assistance supports local to national level governments, utilities, and corporations as they plan the continued economic, environmental, and social vibrancy of their organizations and constituencies.

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