Climate Options Analysis

Cadmus servicesClimate change affects organizations, regions, and sectors differently, and each of these entities require unique solutions.

Cadmus takes an integrated and methodical approach to analyzing the solutions necessary for our clients to operate and thrive in a world of higher temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, or more powerful and frequent weather events. We assemble teams of the most qualified and experienced experts in their respective fields to co-develop with our clients the appropriate solutions that will ensure the safety and security of not only their missions and assets, but also the surrounding community upon which they depend.

We’ve worked with government agencies whose charge includes protecting the public from diverse types of risk; corporations responsible for reporting climate-related risks and opportunities to CDP, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and GRI (formerly the Global Reporting Initiative); and diverse communities across the United States faced with non-climate related risks to identify, prioritize, and take action to address climate change.