Demand-Side Resource Integration

As demand-side infrastructure upgrades continually deploy, facilitating consumer engagement and boosting energy awareness, utility-wide integrated planning across traditional silos has become increasingly essential.

Cadmus is helping utilities transform demand-side grid potential by breaking down traditional barriers to integrate non-wires solutions and innovative technologies with distribution and conventional supply. We provide precise valuations, strategic planning, risk assessment, and customer insights, which yield actionable, immediate benefits.

Our expert consultants help clients integrate innovative resources such as demand side management (DSM), distributed energy resources (DER), smart grids, and micro-grids through services in:

  • DSM and DER planning, market assessment, portfolio and program design, and evaluation
  • DSM and DER resource assessment and valuation
  • Utility integrated resource planning, distribution planning, and grid modernization/smart grid
  • Emerging technology, storage, and micro-grid assessments, project feasibility studies, and financing and market assessments

Real-World Perspective, Actionable Insights

Cadmus has been a pioneer in DSM planning, market assessment, program design, and evaluation, leading the way in the development of many analytic assessments and evaluation methods now standard in the industry. Today, we’re revolutionizing the way utilities integrate demand-side resources and evolve to a “smarter” grid by combining advanced analytics with proven experience.

Our experts offer a real-world perspective that spans the complex regulatory and competitive issues facing the industry. We inform business and market strategies related to investing in and optimizing integrated DSM and DER and provide analysis of these resources’ impacts on investment in other types of generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructures. Our leading-edge assessments help utility industry stakeholders properly measure risk, cost/benefits, and DSM/DER investment values compared to traditional resources. This translates critical insights into real results that make it easier than ever for utilities to focus on their missions.

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