Energy Program Planning and Design

Cadmus offers strategic and analytic services to support utility integrated resource planning and program development for electric and natural gas utilities. Our utility clients rely on us to help them meet regulatory requirements and energy-resource standards.

Our multidisciplinary team works with utilities in:

  • Assessing long-term technical, economic, and market potential
  • Developing robust demand-side management (DSM) portfolios
  • Evaluating DSM resource portfolio options
  • Designing programs and delivery mechanisms
  • Determining measure-, program, and portfolio-level cost-effectiveness.
  • Conducting technology assessments and feasibility studies
  • Preparing expert testimony and regulatory filings

Cadmus has created some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry, designed specifically for the analysis and forecasting of energy-efficiency and demand-response options.  Our custom software includes:

  • DSM Portfolio Strategist, a tool for calculating potential
  • DSM Portfolio Pro, a tool for determining the cost-effectiveness of various options