Integrated Resource Planning

Resource planning may be a regulatory requirement, but the most successful companies are also taking advantage of its potential to strategically build customer satisfaction, address risk and resilience, and increase shareholder value.

Cadmus works with clients to get the most value from their resource plans, from starting at the basic level with cost comparisons of simple supply decisions, to the strategic level—a plan based on customer needs and resource options in the face of uncertain futures.

Integrated resource planning

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We can help you:

Identify Plan Objectives

Cadmus facilitates engagement within your organization and with outside stakeholders to define measurable plan objectives and integrate them into your IRP process.

Develop Load Forecasts

Our experts will develop a range of load forecasts reflecting distributed energy resources, climate change, extreme weather, economic conditions, and other key uncertainties.

Develop Resource Options

We characterize both demand- and supply-side resources in enough detail to assess their full value to your generation, transmission, and distribution systems, customers, and shareholders.

Model Plans Against Objectives and Uncertainties

Cadmus’ rigorous and efficient method reduces your dependence on computationally intensive models to address uncertainty, risk, robustness, and portfolio trade-offs.

Choose the Plan

We can support decision making with recommendations to select the plan that best fits your circumstances.

Communicate To Stakeholders

Cadmus can develop strategy and materials to inform and strengthen buy-in from diverse stakeholders.

Cadmus has extensive experience in guiding the resource portfolio analysis process to identify key uncertainties, interpret modeling results, and perform trade-off analyses. Whether supporting your in-house analyses, providing a third-party review of previous work, or both, we can deliver the right level of support to meet your needs.