Smart Grid Analytics

The Smart Grid adds a two-way communication network to the electric grid to enable the collection of vast amounts of real-time data about the behaviors of consumers and the operation of the grid. In some applications the Smart Grid can act on that information automatically to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the generation and distribution of electricity. Electric utilities can also use the massive amounts of data generated by the Smart Grid to help them improve their performance—if they can make sense of that information in a timely manner and act on the new insights they glean.

Cadmus provides a variety of services to help utilities make full use of the data generated by the Smart Grid, beginning with demand-side management (DSM) evaluations. We have conducted more of them than any other company. We also offer evaluation expertise and software solutions that help utilities capitalize on their Smart Grid investments. Our solutions facilitate the sharing of key information and insights among utility departments as diverse as Load Forecasting and Resource Planning, Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Operations, Rates and Regulatory Affairs, and Marketing and Customer Service.

We combine our extensive utility industry expertise with sophisticated analytics capabilities to analyze large Smart Grid data sets in order to create relevant, timely, and actionable solutions for today’s Smart Grid pilots and tomorrow’s full-scale Smart Grid programs. We also work closely with our utility clients to leverage the results of these analyses into executable Smart Grid strategies. And we help organizations evaluate the impacts of DSM programs quickly and more easily than ever. Data that’s only hours—or even minutes—old can be quickly integrated into a strategy to drive a client utility’s critical operations.

As the Smart Grid enables utilities to offer their customers more services, utilities will need to understand the particular requirements and preferences of each customer segment. Our Smart Grid Analytics Solution lets utilities re-segment customer groups as they adopt and respond to their services. Knowing how each segment performs, a utility can get the most out of its marketing efforts to meet more effectively its goals for each program.