Cadmus EARN

Cadmus EARN, or Energy Audit Returns Now, is a new scalable, rapid-deployment energy audit that allows you to realize more than 200 percent return on investment for your portfolio by acting on findings with little delay and minimal effort.

Cadmus EARN helps building owners, managers, and decision makers achieve immediate, substantial energy and cost savings for their portfolios with zero capital investment and zero occupant disruption.

A New Twist on an Old Standard

Energy audits, or energy assessments, are essential to understand the smartest ways to save energy in commercial buildings. Higher-level audits produce higher-confidence results, but at higher cost. Cadmus EARN is a new action-oriented variant of a Level One, walk-through energy audit.

Cadmus EARN process

With Cadmus EARN, we immediately help you discover, define, and implement no-cost, easy-to-use operational improvements in your buildings according to proven, reliable industry best practices.

These improvements are so basic and so commonly needed that they require no feasibility analysis or capital funds—only a small amount of time and diligence. The outcome is persistent improved building portfolio performance that immediately accrues to your bottom line.

By optimizing your organization’s existing resources, Cadmus helps you quickly implement changes and get results.

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