Sustainable Design and Construction

Integrated design processes and advanced analytical tools are critical to the delivery of high performance buildings, and members of our Built Environment Division have been leaders in this industry for more than a decade. From master planning, through design and construction and into start-up and operation, Cadmus offers a full suite of services to support integrated sustainable design and construction of individual buildings, communities and portfolio expansions. These services include facilitation, consulting, analysis, and management of third-party certifications such as LEED® and the Living Building Challenge.


One of green design’s benefits is the way it brings together design disciplines and focuses the design team on an entire building’s performance. We facilitate charrettes and design workshops that help clients match their project goals to measurable building performance metrics and specifications that can be easily verified and tracked over time. The workshops provide a framework for evaluating innovative methods to enhance energy and environmental performance, and they help project teams find common ground and focus on shared goals.

Consulting and Certification Management

An integrated design process helps to optimize building performance while minimizing cost by promoting solutions with multiple benefits and eliminating the superfluous. Our project management approach is designed to facilitate integrated thinking and elicit valuable building performance requirements. Third-party certification systems such as LEED can provide a framework for an integrated design process. Our consultants have supported LEED certification for more than 75 completed new construction projects and are working on many more. They have experience in nearly every market sector and with nearly every type of project.

LEED should serve as a tool to reinforce the property owner’s mission and values, and complement the broader effort of designing, building, and operating its properties. We view LEED not as an end in itself, but as a means to optimizing and enhancing the value that you derive from your projects. Cadmus will help you use LEED to:

  • Articulate sustainability and stewardship goals to all project stakeholders.
  • Validate that those goals have been achieved.
  • Communicate those achievements to all stakeholders.



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