Technical Environmental Management Assistance

Properly executed, technical assistance facilitates compliance with government regulations, fosters adherence to specified procedures and processes, and builds institutional capability. For government organizations and those in the private sector, Cadmus delivers the informed expert guidance necessary to help our clients manage environmental assets and maintain compliance with environmental regulations.

Support for governments

Cadmus is a leading provider of environmental management and compliance services to the U.S. Agency for International Development and its implementing partners. We routinely assess impacts and recommend actions strengthening environmentally sound design and management and environmental compliance to address environmental issues worldwide. Our services include:

  • Providing on-demand technical assistance to environmental compliance officials
  • Routinely assessing the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects and developing recommendations for small-scale and large-scale development programs covering energy management, drinking water, public health, and food management
  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating natural resources management and biodiversity conservation programs
  • Providing expert advice in source water protection, drinking water treatment, surface water pollution control, underground injection control, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
  • Conducting best practice reviews and preparing guidance documents for wide distribution, including the Mission Environmental Officer Handbook, USAID’s first guidance document for its Mission-level environmental compliance officers, and the Environmental Guidelines for Small-Scale Activities in Africa, the environmental best-practice standards for much of USAID.


Private sector support

We help clients in the private sector navigate environmental regulations and provide technical management to support each organization’s efforts to operate safely and sustainably. For example, Cadmus staff members have reviewed—and recommended improvements in—the environmental and social management practices of extractive industry operations throughout the world. Our support on these projects draws upon in-depth interviews with local operating staff, reviews of the implementation of local and corporate sustainability initiatives, and the physical observation of infrastructure investments to enhance the delivery of services to employees and local communities.