Program Management

Our clients rely on Cadmus to meet their program management, funding, marketing, and implementation needs. Based on a client’s particular needs, we address marketing and communications functions, subscriber recruitment campaigns, financial and funding programs, community coalition development, or any number of other functions that are vital to meeting our clients’ key goals.

Cadmus’ program delivery is end-to-end: from project initiation, through strategic execution, control, and monitoring, to close-out, we provide our clients with the best possible products developed through the effective use of project resources. Our program management capability has enabled smooth delivery of unique services in a constantly changing mission and fiscal environments, while meeting all contract administration and accounting requirements.

Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge of diverse industries, strategic insight, access to equally capable partners and application of proven best practices, we are a trusted advisor for a wide range of public and private clients, providing timely and objective information to meet their needs.