Energy Efficiency Marketing Manager Services

Understaffed utility energy efficiency departments can be hard-pressed to oversee their programs adequately. The Cadmus marketing and communications team often serves as the de facto marketing manager for such clients, assembling and overseeing on their behalf a mid-to-large-size marketing and communications team often made up of an ad agency, a media buying agency, a public relations agency, and perhaps a specialized research firm, specialized digital agency, or event marketing firm. In these cases, we:

  • Assemble the team (sometimes preparing and overseeing a competitive solicitation for advertising agencies).
  • Handle all fiduciary responsibilities, including invoicing, media authorizations, media reconciliation, and vendor payments.
  • Oversee all strategic planning, which may include bringing in demand-side management (DSM) or energy efficiency (EE) technical or product experts, planning experts or program design experts, or researchers to conduct consumer or market research.
  • Direct all agencies in developing and executing their plans, including overseeing all media planning, negotiating and buying; all event marketing, social media strategies, etc.
  • Provide quality control and quality assurance on all deliverables, including ensuring that all technical content is correct and up to date, all materials are appropriately designed or sized for the particular media channel or platform, and messages and content are appropriate for the target audience.
  • Evaluate, monitor, and track the campaign’s progress.
  • Prepare and present quarterly or regular reports for the client and the various stakeholders, which might include internal management, regulatory bodies, or other important stakeholder groups within their community.

In addition to communications know-how, Cadmus brings to these projects specialized, technical knowledge of the DSM industry and utility EE programs. Planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating EE marketing programs requires an understanding of the unique regulatory and political environments in which utilities operate. We understand the subject matter, the business dynamics, and the industry, and we have the right relationships with key stakeholders and market actors (such as retailers, manufacturers, contractors, and builders), to be truly effective in this role.