Program Analysis and Evaluation

How well do your programs and business operations function? Are they tied to clear, meaningful requirements and objectives? Are they demonstrating a strong return on investment? Do they deliver measurable outcomes?

Cadmus provides data-driven program analysis and evaluation that helps decision makers understand and maximize the performance of their programs. We bring expertise in quantitative and qualitative assessment methodologies to all phases of program evaluation—including requirements generation, initial design, data collection, analysis and synthesis, and reporting. We deliver tactics catered to each client, such as: requirements analysis, strategy and policy analysis, budget assessments, structured interviews, survey design and implementation, as well as metric/measure development and analysis.

We work with clients to develop policies and procedures to institutionalize sustainable performance measurement systems. The Cadmus approach emphasizes reporting project outcomes to the full range of stakeholders, including program managers, senior policymakers, congressional stakeholders, and the general public.

After-Action Reporting, Lessons Learned/Best Practices Identification, and Continuous Improvement

Accurate and incisive evaluation of exercises and real-world incidents is essential to continually improving our national preparedness. Effective performance evaluation can allow organizations to build upon lessons learned to implement changes that improve security and resilience and potentially save lives. Our work is intended to institutionalize continuous improvement programs, ensuring that areas for improvement from real-world events and exercises are tracked to resolution.

Cadmus has conducted after-action analyses that have generated strategic and operational lessons learned/best practices from both national-level disasters, such as Superstorm Sandy, and smaller regionalized incidents, including the 2009-2010 DC-area snowstorms. Our consultants have extensive experience evaluating the full range of exercises, including Department of Homeland Security-sponsored Capstone/National Level Exercises and Senior Officials Exercises as well as state, local, private sector, and NGO exercises, such as university campus security exercises.

Alternative Futures Analysis

Cadmus supports its clients in analyzing alternative futures—assessing how changes to key conditions impact strategic and operating environments. We utilize sophisticated methodologies that identify key drivers and assess impact on future environments. With these assessments as a basis, our analysts support clients in developing effective strategies and plans to anticipate and manage change.