Drinking Water Program Implementation

Woman drinking water from glass, close-up, profileSince our founding in 1983, drinking water has been a core Cadmus business. Our capabilities to serve this vital market are unmatched in the consulting industry. We work closely with federal and state drinking water programs, with local and regional drinking water systems, and with consumers and other stakeholders. As the largest contractor serving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, we provide support in:

Health sciences through our work in rule development, risk assessment, and health and safety research assistance.

Engineering by providing training in, as well as conducting, sanitary surveys and Comprehensive Performance Evaluations (CPEs) and by evaluating treatment techniques.

Survey research through our work on the Community Water System Survey, the Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey, and other surveys.

Regulatory analysis by managing and analyzing contaminant occurrence data and by conducting risk and economic analyses for rules that are under development.

Information systems by developing on-line data gathering and analysis systems, and auditing state drinking water data.

Training by developing and delivering workshops and classes on drinking water regulations, source water protection, energy and water efficiency, and other drinking water related topics.

We also work closely with communities, states, EPA, and public and private water systems on issues related to:

  • Rule development through the preparation of contaminant occurrence analyses, monitoring methods studies, risk assessments, treatment cost and technology selection analyses, and economic (benefit/cost) analyses to support policy decisions.
  • Source water protection through the delineation of protection areas and by developing monitoring plans, identifying financial options, and conducting workshops and Webcasts.
  • Underground injection control through a variety of projects related to the hydraulic fracturing of hydrocarbon-bearing rocks for the recovery of fossil fuels, the geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide, and a variety of program implementation activities.
  • Drinking water security through policy and security integration support, the development of vulnerability assessment tools and training, and the preparation of lessons-learned reports and recommendations.

Our drinking water and water resources team is staffed with more than 80 scientists, engineers, economists, statisticians, policy analysts, program evaluators, and communications professionals. Many team members are former drinking water system operators or regulators. This team provides comprehensive services in:

  • Training and webcasts
  • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund implementation
  • Small-system capacity development
  • Water system evaluation and optimization
  • Drinking water program data and survey development

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