Source Water Protection

Cadmus provides multidisciplinary support to help protect drinking water sources in order to ensure:

  • Our drinking water supplies are safe
  • Enough water is available now and in the future
  • The need for costly water treatment is reduced

To achieve these goals, our team of nationally recognized hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water quality analysts and modelers, policy and finance experts, and communications specialists:

  • Facilitate the development of source water protection plans and collaboratives
  • Delineate source water protection areas and assess their susceptibility to contamination
  • Develop and carry out monitoring plans
  • Create and execute clear communication plans
  • Train individuals involved in source water protection
  • Identify financing options
  • Evaluate and publicize the success of source water and watershed protection plans

We organize and run source water protection workshops across the country on a regular basis. The topics they cover include:

  • Monitoring and data sharing
  • Land development and smart growth
  • Communications and partnerships

In addition to providing support to the U.S. EPA’s drinking water program, we work with state programs such as those of North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, and Massachusetts to develop collaboratives and workshops to advance source water protection efforts.