Health Policy Research and Analysis

Cadmus has a long history of developing practical solutions to real world environmental and health challenges. We have analyzed programs and developed clear strategies for improving the quality of care and health outcomes for complex problems that lie at the intersection of environmental public health and health care. We have identified and analyzed programs that achieve best-in-class results to identify the organizational, financial, leadership, and sustainability strategies they use to improve health outcomes, particularly for medically underserved and vulnerable populations.

We focus on strategies for action, identifying not just what works, but why it works and how to immediately take effective approaches to national scale. Our work analyzing program models to deliver asthma care, for example, has already fostered quality improvements in more than 1,400 communities. We also have assessed promising lung cancer prevention models, and we have studied successful approaches for managing environmental health and wellness in schools and the role healthy schools can play in community-wide public health.