Market Research and Monitoring

Market research is the foundation of all advertising activities, from defining audiences and developing branding strategies to creating messages and materials and deciding where to place those materials. Cadmus manages, conducts, and analyzes market research. We also develop and implement marketing and branding strategies based on the insights gained from that research. For example, our market research capabilities enabled the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program to:

  • Segment the market for energy-efficient products based on characteristics related to energy consumption.
  • Target the market by defining criteria for favorable opportunities to reach consumers.
  • Position the market offering by helping marketers define the value delivered by energy-efficient products and by differentiating them from competing products.

We also conduct the research necessary to monitor ENERGY STAR messaging in the media and partners’ use of:

  • The ENERGY STAR logo in print and online advertisements.
  • Key ENERGY STAR messages during product promotions.

Use of the ENERGY STAR logo and partner marks is defined in the 60-plus page ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines, which we developed with EPA to provide guidance to partners on how to best visually identify the ENERGY STAR brand in the marketplace.

Our market research and monitoring are credible, reliable, relevant, and cost effective because our lead evaluators:

  • Are independent from our marketing, advertising, and public relations teams.
  • Have specialized knowledge of our clients’ market transformation needs.

Cadmus is committed to providing market research reports that contain actionable program information that reflects our clients’ goals, which helps justify costs and refine strategies.