Technology Assessment and Operational Testing

Are your technology investments paying off in terms delivering tangible outcomes and real returns on investment? Is your organization’s technology tied to real mission requirements? Conceived and executed well, technology investments can generate revolutionary improvements in organizational performance. Yet this success depends upon a systematic assessment of how the technology relates to organization requirements, the concept of operations in which it will integrate, implementation challenges, investment costs, and an examination of alternative courses of action (technological and otherwise).

Cadmus offers extensive experience working with government and private sector clients to assess and improve their technology investments. We have expertise in leading major revisions and integrations of exercise technology toolkits. By collaborating with program managers and exercise managers to identify mission-critical technology requirements. Our goal is to equip the exercise community with practical tools that meet specific programmatic needs and support every step of the exercise lifecycle.

As the program manager for National Level Exercise 2012, Cadmus experts integrated technical requirements and stakeholder objectives into an experimental design that tested national response capabilities to a large-scale attack against critical infrastructure and government sites. This effort also included the integration of advanced modeling and simulation technologies into exercise design and conduct, most notably the Standard Unified Modeling, Mapping, and Integration Toolkit (SUMMIT). Our consultants led the stakeholder engagement and coordination efforts involving Sandia National Laboratories, FEMA, DHS Science & Technology Directorate, and other agencies that enabled NLE 2012 to serve as a platform to beta-test this new technology with end users.