Scientific and Risk Analysis

Cadmus scientific and risk analysisCadmus offers a full range of services in support of scientific and risk analysis. Most of the clients who seek these services are government agencies whose charge includes protecting the public from diverse types of risk.

Our scientific analyses are often geared toward determining whether an environmental contaminant or pollutant is prevalent enough in the environment and poses a sufficient threat to warrant regulation. These chemical compounds may be found in the air, soil, or water. They can be manmade or occur naturally.

The information we gather for our scientific analyses often makes its way into our risk communication products as well. We are adept at using a wide range of media to explain to diverse audiences they environmental and public health risks they may face and how they can be managed.

In February 2016, Cadmus acquired fast-growing homeland security and resilience consulting firm Obsidian. Learn more about the analysis and planning solutions Obsidian brings to Cadmus.

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