Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis

Improved and more relevant modeling, simulation, and analysis are central to our nation’s capability to prepare for the range of challenges and uncertainty facing homeland security. Having the right information at the critical time requires more than sophisticated models and data. Technology elements need to be deployed thoughtfully to ensure analysis is produced, utilized, and integrated responsibly into decision-making processes. Cadmus helps clients ensure analytical results are available when needed, and produce comprehensible insights by subject matter experts that translate into practical results or recommendations.

In 2012, FEMA selected Cadmus consultants to design and execute the National Level Exercise, the nation’s largest preparedness exercise. As part of this effort, our experts provided the needed subject-matter expertise to integrate modeling and simulation with situational and operational decision inputs, ensuring the exercise was supported by the most sophisticated MS&A capabilities. In addition, Cadmus personnel have successfully provided similar support to clients within the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection and Science and Technology Directorate.