Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

Does your organization understand the needs and expectations of your stakeholders? Is communication effective with stakeholders? Successful leaders understand that the effectiveness of programs, policies, and plans weighs on the input and continuing support of a stakeholder community.

Cadmus has extensive experience developing and implementing communications and outreach plans targeting a wide range of audiences; from senior federal officials to grassroots community groups and individuals. We understand that more than message development is needed to fulfill a communications effort. Cadmus approaches outreach and stakeholder engagement with rigorous planning and evaluation, which is necessary to ensure that messages reach intended audiences. Our stakeholder engagement support ensures that those audiences are able to act upon the practical information they have received. Social and electronic media have transformed the ways in which people and organizations access and disseminate information. We utilize the power of social media and digital enhancements that complement traditional forms of message delivery, to create successful communications campaigns. When appropriate, we deliver outreach and stakeholder engagement as part of larger program management, planning, and/or analysis projects.