Social Marketing and Behavior Change

Social marketing is the systematic application of proven marketing strategies and tactics to bring about behavioral change for social good. For more than 15 years, Cadmus has effectively applied our proven social marketing expertise to help clients improve public health, advance environmental protection activities, conserve natural resources, and reduce and optimize energy use.

At Cadmus, we go a step beyond typical marketing efforts by applying our honed capabilities in behavioral economics, change management, capacity building, and program evaluation to ensure that our clients’ programs stimulate enduring, systemic behavioral change that transforms markets for the long term.

Our experience spans a wide range of service areas—health care, public health, energy, sustainable transportation, environmental protection and resource conservation, and the built environment. To effectively spur behavioral change in these areas, we plan and implement marketing programs that seamlessly integrate a variety of strategies and tactics, including:

  • Public education and outreach
  • Meeting planning and facilitation
  • Public and media relations
  • Change campaign design and change management
  • Social media marketing
  • Public service and paid advertising
  • Digital strategies
  • Cause-marketing partnerships and sponsorships

Our best-known work is our longstanding support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program. For more than a decade, we have designed and delivered integrated marketing strategies that have resulted in ENERGY STAR’s remarkable market penetration, public awareness, and, most importantly, demonstrated impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We deliver similarly comprehensive social marketing programs focused on children’s health, chronic disease prevention, healthcare quality improvement, green and healthy buildings, water and air quality, land reuse and redevelopment, and more.