Capacity Building & Training

Cadmus provides customized training to help organizations achieve their environmental and sustainability goals. Through our work with clients, we have come to understand the value of carefully thought out and tailored training courses. Their benefits extend across an entire organization—raising awareness among managers, avoiding the costs of “reinventing the wheel,” and providing the necessary internal skills before significant resources are invested in an initiative. We work closely with our clients to help them build and enhance their information exchange processes and skill building efforts to capture their organizations’ knowledge and experience.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Audit Training

Cadmus’ EHS audit training course covers how to:

  • Collect audit data
  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Communicate audit results to management, including how to prepare written reports of audit findings

After brief lectures, course participants complete exercises in which they apply audit techniques to situations they may encounter in the field.

Corporate Sustainability Training

Setting the Coordinates for a Corporate Sustainability Strategy is designed to help organizations plan the implementation of sustainability programs that deliver measurable benefits to them and to society.

The course’s case study exercises and facilitated discussions provide insights into the key business drivers behind the current sustainability movement. The course also covers Cadmus’ systematic approach to designing and enhancing sustainability strategies and programs, our Five-Step Sustainability Pathway:

  1. Index environmental and social footprints.
  2. Support initiatives that advance strategic and operational excellence.
  3. Identify the right set of metrics.
  4. Establish an internal and external corporate social responsibility/sustainability dialogue.
  5. Evaluate performance periodically.

Customized Training

Cadmus also develops and presents customized training programs for clients, including specialized training workshops to help clients meet their EHS objectives, as well as open-enrollment training programs for audiences with diverse backgrounds, and knowledge base and training programs for government agencies to provide public outreach.