Crisis Simulations and Exercises

Neither governments nor the private sector can afford to wait for disasters to improve their preparedness. The public, stakeholders, and shareholders alike insist that organizations be prepared for the worst, demonstrating that they have considered the challenges before them and made intelligent decisions before disaster strikes.

Cadmus supports government and private sector clients in developing high-impact crisis simulations and exercises across a variety of security and resilience challenges. We apply a rigorous methodology to help organizations test plans, evaluate capabilities, and assess relationships among key partners and stakeholders. Our approach stresses careful matching of exercise design to the particular objectives of clients and stakeholders. Cadmus brings expert facilitation and control to all of its exercises—emphasizing pointed questions and scenario challenges that illuminate key exercise priorities, while supporting flexible and informative “play” by exercise participants.

We have developed, executed, and evaluated more than 300 crisis simulations and exercises from the local level through the federal cabinet, including the president of the United States. Through these activities, our experts have helped government leaders explore the catastrophic challenges to the nation’s security ranging from hurricanes, to earthquakes, to improvised nuclear device threats, to terrorist campaigns using improvised explosive devices and Mumbai-style tactics.

For our private sector clients, Cadmus develops resilience and disaster response simulations and exercises. These activities stress decision making and operations at target levels of private firms, ranging from C-suite executives to personnel in the field. Our private sector crisis simulations and exercises range from full-scale exercises testing an energy utility’s response to a catastrophic earthquake, to C-suite simulations of response to a loss of major product line or critical infrastructure.



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      The best way to prepare for, and respond to, a complex coordinated terrorist attack is to think outside the proverbial box—as well as outside the lines of traditional jurisdictions, disciplines, and states. CCTAs require a whole community response, with decision-making before, during, and after this type of event being a collective effort.

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