Technical Environmental Management and Policy Assistance

We provide technical assistance on environmental management to governments around the world. For example:

  • We led a team of experts that worked with Mali’s Ministry of Environment to recommend improvements in that country’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) system and options for more sustainable funding of environmental management activities.
  • We supported the Sudan Transitional Environmental Program as it developed the skills and institutional capacity it needed to conduct the environmental analyses and planning necessary for Southern Sudan to conserve its natural and environmental resources while embarking on future economic and social development programs.
  • We not only helped Uganda’s National Environmental Protection Agency develop EIA sector guidelines but also provided training in applying the guidelines.
  • We prepared an ambient air quality management plan focused on electric power plant operations in Kosovo and an ambient air quality capacity building plan.

Our staff members also review the operation of private sector facilities around the world and recommend ways to improve their performance. These assignments involve in-depth interviews with facility operators, reviews of the implementation of local and corporate sustainability initiatives, and inspections of physical infrastructure investments to enhance the delivery of services to employees and local communities.