Hossein Haeri, Ph.D.

Hossein Haeri_expertSenior Vice President Hossein Haeri, Ph.D., leads Cadmus’ energy services sector. He specializes in utility resource planning, energy efficiency, and demand-response assessment and planning. Dr. Haeri helps utilities across North America formulate their demand-side management (DSM) policies and business strategies, develop and execute programmatic initiatives, and evaluate the initiatives’ outcomes and effectiveness. He has led the development of several of Cadmus’ analytic tools, including DSM Portfolio Pro, our tool for DSM portfolio planning, cost-effectiveness analysis, and risk assessment.

Dr. Haeri has 25 years’ experience in research, teaching, management, and consulting in the energy utility industry. He was an executive vice president at Quantec, LLC until the firm’s acquisition by Cadmus in May 2008. Earlier positions held by Dr. Haeri include vice president of consulting at KEMA, director of energy information systems at Chevron Energy Solutions and PG&E Energy Services, principal at Barakat & Chamberlin, and director of planning and assessment at Central Maine Power Company. As an adjunct assistant professor at Portland State University from 2000 to 2005, he helped found the graduate program in applied energy economics and taught courses in methods of energy policy analysis and regulation.

Hossein Haeri holds a doctorate in regional science. He has testified as expert witness in numerous regulatory proceeding in various jurisdictions. The results of his work have been published in numerous conference proceedings and trade journals and he has contributed to journals such as Public Utilities FortnightlyPublic Policy Journal and the Energy Journal. He is a co-author of “Residential Efficiency Crossroads: Opportunities for the Future.”