Kevin A. Borden, Ph.D.

Kevin BordenKevin Borden provides subject matter expertise in data analysis and visualization to some of our core program areas. Dr. Borden focuses on using data to facilitate decision-making at programmatic and policy levels within the areas of homeland security and emergency management. Using quantitative analytic techniques and specialized software, he produces interactive tools, products, and dashboards that allow users to explore patterns in data and use that information to make more informed decisions. He has extensive experience conducting analyses that support the National Preparedness System through FEMA offices including the National Preparedness Assessment Division and National Training and Education. Dr. Borden has designed and built multiple interactive dashboards to analyze preparedness data from across the nation to better understand current capabilities and potential areas for improvement. In addition, Dr. Borden provided GIS mapping and analytic support to FEMA’s National Exercise Division in the response to the 2013 Colorado floods and to improve GIS integration in exercises. He also supported an effort to build capacity for inclusive emergency management by integrating people with disabilities and access and functional needs into exercises.

Dr. Borden has more than 10 years of experience that include positions in the private sector and academia. In the private sector, Dr. Borden served as the technical lead for all state and local programs. In this role, he supported homeland security and emergency management clients at the state and local level by conducting critical infrastructure and population-based risk analyses. One such analysis involved constructing a GIS-based solution to integrate natural hazard risk information with areas that may have higher concentrations of populations with access and functional needs to support emergency planning and preparedness capability at the urban area level. As a postdoctoral fellow at Colgate University and a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Borden conducted research related to vulnerability, resilience, disaster losses, and other impacts and taught undergraduate courses in natural hazards and climatology, among others.

Dr. Borden received his Ph.D. and M.S. in geography from the University of South Carolina and a B.A. in geography from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo. He has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at several conferences on topics related to natural hazards and their impacts on populations.