Laurie Potter

A principal in the Environmental Science & Policy Division, Laurie Potter has more than 25 years’ experience in research, policy development, and management of environmental and public health programs. During her extensive consulting career Ms. Potter has worked on safe drinking water, clean water, and underground injection control issues; acid deposition; hazardous waste programs; audits and reviews of contaminant occurrence data and the results of environmental monitoring; audits of state loan programs for compliance with oversight requirements; and the development of outreach and education campaigns.

As program requirements expand to keep pace with new federal regulations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and trade organizations tap Ms. Potter to create models and surveys to analyze state resource needs. The reports and other materials produced from them help states and EPA lobby for new funding and larger staffs. Ms. Potter often creates plans to integrate those new resources into state programs and helps train new staff members.

Ms. Potter heads the Cadmus team that for the past 20 years has reviewed state drinking water programs to determine their compliance with federal regulations. She uses the experience gained and data collected to help EPA flag state program weaknesses, analyze compliance trends, identify causes of compliance problems, and develop training courses, materials, and educational tools to address those problems.

She also helps utilities conduct self-assessments to determine whether they are being managed effectively.

Laurie Potter holds a bachelor’s in economics and a certificate in public policy from Smith College.