Mark Osborn

Mark OsbornMark Osborn is a senior member of Cadmus’ renewable energy team. He provides our clients with technical advice, market development support, program design development, financial evaluations, and principal research investigator support for solar, storage, automated demand response and smart grid development projects, as well as expert advice for utilities in the areas of distribution planning for distributed energy resources (DER), and transactive energy systems development.

Mark has over three decades of experience developing and guiding installation of DER and smart grid projects. Prior to joining Cadmus, he served as Smart Grid Manager at Portland General Electric, where he developed and guided innovative, nationally recognized solar, storage, and microgrid projects. He has earned recognition from the Federal Highway Administration’s Exemplary Human Environment Initiative in 2012; an Oregon Department of Energy’s Solar Pioneer Award in 2009; and a Peak Load Management Alliance award in 2006 for Program Innovation.

Mark Osborn holds a B.A. from Western Oregon University and an MBA from Portland State University. He is a Standards Technical Panel Member for UL 1741 SA, a new standard for smart inverters, and a member of Smart Grid Northwest. He also holds an adjunct professor position at Portland State University.