Zach Becker

Zach BeckerZach Becker brings 21 years of experience supporting and managing high-visibility FEMA contracts, including the National Exercise Division’s (NED’s) Exercise Coordination contract, FEMA’s Workforce Development Division (WDD) FEMA Qualification System contract, and the Office of Response and Recovery’s (ORR) Incident Management Assistance Team Academy. Mr. Becker developed over 45 discrete work plans, coordinated conflicting timelines, and managed schedules and budgets for a broad range of exercise, planning, and training support to NED and ORR. He directed the creation and delivery of over 800 hours of original coursework and exercises, coordinated and directed nine federal and state agencies, ten FEMA regions, 225 evaluators, 150 simulators, and 33 contractors.

Previously, Mr. Becker worked at the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) Interagency Office, where he conducted negotiations on interagency agreements, facilitated JIEDDO’s participation in interagency forums, and developed interagency relationships to enhance U.S. efforts to defeat the improvised explosive device threat. Mr. Becker also spent more than a decade serving on various Pentagon staffs. During that time, his areas of focus included deterrence and strategic nuclear policy, arms control, Global Strike operations, and combatting weapons of mass destruction. Highlights from his time at the Pentagon include leading a technical and political analysis group in support of the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review and new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty negotiations, creating a targeting process for the Joint Staff that integrated U.S. foreign policy into military targeting practices, and helping to expand Cooperative Threat Reduction into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

A former Air Force Missileer, Mr. Becker earned a master’s degree in international relations from Troy University and a bachelor’s degree in history from the Virginia Military Institute.