Cadmus Completes Integration of Obsidian, A Cadmus Company

Announces Launch of Homeland Security Operating Unit

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 6, 2017—The Cadmus Group, Inc. (Cadmus) announced today that it has fully integrated Obsidian, A Cadmus Company, into its operations. As a result of the integration, Cadmus has retired the Obsidian brand. The unit previously known as Obsidian is now Cadmus’ homeland security sector. Obsidian co-founders Kevin O’Prey, Ph.D., and Matthew Travis continue to lead the homeland security sector within Cadmus. Obsidian’s former Washington, D.C., headquarters now serves as Cadmus’ District of Columbia office.

Cadmus acquired homeland security and resilience consulting firm Obsidian, A Cadmus Company (formerly Obsidian Analysis, Inc.) in February 2016.

Cadmus provides homeland security management consulting and training services for federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as leading private sector companies. These services include the support and development of risk assessments and high-impact exercises across a range of security challenges, such as cybersecurity, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, climate adaptation, and public health risks.

Since the acquisition, Cadmus and Obsidian have conducted a range of joint endeavors such as designing and conducting homeland security exercises, improving the business resilience of electrical utilities, integrating climate adaptation measures into community and corporate planning, and ensuring the quality and safety of the nation’s drinking water.

“We are thrilled to complete the integration of our homeland security sector and to begin our next stage unified under the Cadmus banner,” said Ian Kline, Cadmus president and CEO. “Over the past year, our colleagues in Cadmus’ homeland security sector have brought exemplary expertise, energy, and professionalism to our firm and to our clients. As a fully integrated firm, we will continue to engage experts from across Cadmus to collaborate on best-in-class advice and support for our clients.”

“The retirement of the Obsidian name marks the completion of a very successful integration that has brought everything great about Obsidian into a highly successful, well-established, and visionary consultancy in Cadmus,” said O’Prey, Cadmus senior vice president and homeland security sector operating unit director. “As the Cadmus homeland security sector, we will continue to deliver outstanding services to our clients. But now we will offer the additional benefits of being part of the most exciting company in the industry.”

The Obsidian, A Cadmus Company name, logo, and associated branding were retired as of February 3, 2017.

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