Residential Efficiency Crossroads: Opportunities for the Future

house exterior_webCurrent assessments of achievable U.S. energy savings indicate significant potential remains to be realized. However, capturing this potential through traditional utility program mechanisms is becoming increasingly difficult as market forces and regulatory constraints continue to put pressure on achievable opportunities. Residential energy-efficiency program administrators in particular are well aware of this recent history – the question is:

What can be done to continue attainment of cost-effective savings with residential energy-efficiency portfolios?

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In this evolving environment, there is no single solution. The best chances for cost-effective residential energy-efficiency programs will require a combination of new directions.

This white paper explores the current challenges and prospects observed by Cadmus regarding residential energy-efficiency programs and offers possible directions for residential program planning that emphasize low delivery costs with high participation and conversion rates.


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About the authors

Amy Ellsworth; Hossein Haeri, Ph.D.; Brian Hedman; Cynthia Kan, Ph.D.; M. Sami Khawaja, Ph.D.; Jamie Lalos; Allen Lee, Ph.D.; Mark Michalski; Carol Mulholland; David Sumi, Ph.D.

The authors of this report have over 200 combined years of experience in residential energy-efficiency program design and evaluation. In over two decades working in the energy industry, Cadmus has conducted several hundred process, impact, and program evaluations. Cadmus has contributed to some of the most widely used evaluation protocols, including the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocols, the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Evaluation Guidelines, and the California Evaluation Protocols.

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