Sustainable Transportation

Transportation of people and goods is integral to a healthy economy, and sustainable transportation practices are an essential component of a community’s sustainable development efforts. 

Cadmus’ Sustainable Transportation support expands on our proven expertise in the areas of energy, environment, climate change, health, and the built environment to deliver solutions across all transportation modes, promoting sustainable economic growth and competitiveness, protecting natural resources, and fostering livable communities.

Cadmus works with federal, state, and local government clients and private firms to streamline and increase the efficiency of transportation practices and programs through methods that reduce harmful emissions, save energy, and minimize waste.  Our sustainable transportation solutions help lower fuel dependence, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, protect critical assets, and support healthy communities and habitats while managing costs across the life cycle.

Through proven research expertise and implementation methods, Cadmus delivers the knowledge, tools, and skills to ensure sustainable transportation is also efficient transportation. The benefits of sustainable transportation practices include increased safety, improved community satisfaction, better land use and transportation interactions, refined risk management capability, and limited disruptions to the operations that keep our economy and society running.

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