Cybersecurity for Non-governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations are not immune from cybersecurity concerns. They share the same threats as private industry—often with fewer resources to combat them.

Leveraging our experience in evaluating efficiencies and streamlining processes, Cadmus works with NGOs, such as universities and nonprofit entities, to maximize their resources. Through a thorough review of policies and procedures, we seek to identify areas that may need more support, while balancing them against the overall needs of the organization. Our objective is to prepare an NGO to create a unified approach to an unforeseen cybersecurity scenario in order to allow it to continue its mission and goals without undue interruption.

Enterprise Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • In-depth assessment of cyber-related operational and business risks for the enterprise
  • Analysis of current strategic, policy, and operational frameworks, including procedures for information sharing and crisis response coordination across the enterprise

Crisis Simulation and Exercises

  • Custom-designed, scenario-driven discussions, from tabletop to full-scale crisis simulation exercises, involving the active participation of all key stakeholders across the organization
  • Assessment of organization-wide preparedness in coordinating a unified response to an evolving, unforeseen cybersecurity situation

Crisis Response and Operational Planning

  • Management of identified gaps in technical preparedness, internal and external information sharing, coordination of crisis response, and existing business continuity plans
  • Refinement of strategies, policies, and procedures to create an organization-wide approach

Continuity and Resilience

  • Development of continual improvement plans that evolve to meet changing organizational requirements
  • Awareness-building and training programs to improve cross-enterprise workforce capabilities, including information sharing and crisis response coordination