Amy Ellsworth

Amy_EllsworthAmy Ellsworth leads the program design team of the program and market analysis group in our energy services sector. The team creates program design and implementation strategies for demand-side management (DSM), renewable energy, climate change, and other sustainability efforts for utility, government, and private-sector clients.

Ms. Ellsworth’s expertise includes analyses of energy markets and policy, energy-efficiency program best practices and implementation processes, process evaluations of individual programs and large utility efficiency program portfolios, sustainability planning, and public education and outreach. She has helped design energy-efficiency programs for such clients as the City of Boulder, Consolidated Edison, PPL Electric Utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration, and the Texas State Energy Conservation Office. Her work with utility clients often extends beyond program planning to support the regulatory approval process, facilitate collaborative delivery and stakeholder buy-in, and develop operating and implementation strategies.

Ms. Ellsworth has managed evaluations of diverse DSM programs and uses the results to shape new program designs and implementation strategies. Her evaluation clients have included Entergy Arkansas, Inc., Southwestern Electric Power Company, Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and PPL Electric Utilities.

Amy Ellsworth has a master’s in environmental policy and management from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s in anthropology from Michigan State University. She is a co-author of “Residential Efficiency Crossroads: Opportunities for the Future.”