Kevin O’Prey, Ph.D.

Kevin O'PreyKevin P. O’Prey, Ph.D., is a senior vice president at Cadmus, where he leads the homeland security sector.

Dr. O’Prey is a nationally recognized facilitator and analyst of homeland security challenges. He is the facilitator and lead developer of the Principals-Level Exercise (PLE) and Senior Officials Exercise (SOE) series, the federal government’s premier exercises for senior homeland security officials, including Cabinet Secretaries and the President. In that capacity, Dr. O’Prey works closely with officials at all levels of government to develop, conduct, and assess the results of exercises that examine the nation’s capacity to manage catastrophic events. He additionally facilitates the interagency Emergency Support Function Leadership Group (ESFLG).

In the energy sector, O’Prey has facilitated the 2014 and 2015 editions of the Clear Path series. He has also designed and facilitated response and recovery exercises for electrical utilities. Internationally, O’Prey has facilitated multinational conferences and exercises, including the 2016 Nuclear Security Ministerial (Apex Gold), 2015 Nuclear Security Summit Sherpa meeting (Vilnius, Lithuania), the 2015 US-France Biodefense Bilateral Cooperation Exercise (Paris, France), and the Black Ice International Bioterrorism Response exercise (Montreux, Switzerland).

In addition, O’Prey facilitates a range of executive-level tabletop exercises and seminars for other federal departments, state and local governments, academic institutions, international organizations, as well as private sector leaders.

Dr. O’Prey additionally directs analytical and strategic planning projects for a range of federal, state, and local government clients. He served as a staff member for the White House review of the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Among his projects have been path-breaking work in assessing the nation’s preparedness, cyber-security challenges, all-hazards planning, as well as assessment/evaluation of specific programs.

Prior to Cadmus, O’Prey was co-founder and president of Obsidian Analysis, Inc. In that capacity, he oversaw the creation of a homeland security start-up to an enterprise of over 100 employees and $27 million in annual revenue.

Dr. O’Prey earned a Ph.D. in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.A. in international relations from Grinnell College. The author of several books on international security, he was formerly a fellow at the Brookings Institution, Managing Partner of the Palisades Group, and President of DFI Government Services.