Shawn Shaw

Shawn Shaw, PEShawn Shaw, a principal with Cadmus, has more than a decade of experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency. During this time, Mr. Shaw has conducted hundreds of detailed inspections on solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, wind, and other renewable energy systems—investigating resource, siting, code compliance, and performance issues for a variety of public and private clients. He also supports state solar incentive programs in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut and has provided expert analysis on solar markets in numerous states.

Mr. Shaw oversees quality assurance programs that have been responsible for inspecting more than 3,000 publicly supported solar PV projects since 2008. Using data from these inspections, he has created a database of over 500 common PV installation issues and has given numerous trainings and presentations on solar PV installation practices.

Mr. Shaw holds a B.S. in applied physics, with graduate coursework in solar energy engineering and extensive training in installation methods, the National Electrical Code, solar financing, and program evaluation. He is also a registered electrical engineer in New York state.

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